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If you are one of our long-time students or new to us, or just thinking of joining a yoga class, or a workshop, welcome! Leslie at Lotus Place Hatha Yoga Studio, established in 2003, is a National Yoga Circle Cooperative School, approved as a teaching school, meeting their high codes of standards and curriculum approval!

You matter to us! We are here to serve in integrity and professionalism. We continue to improve our Yoga Classes, raising the bar on yoga and meditation teaching throughout Loveland and the entire Northern Colorado Front Range. We are exclusive in offering yoga classes with specific techniques to ease back pain, lower blood pressure and more; our therapeutic, gentle, and restorative classes are exclusive and unique with ways to help you heal the body and ease pain. The varied intensity of our yoga classes help you burn calories, gain strength and reduce stress. We have the class that is right for you! Welcome!

In peace, love & wellness from Leslie at Lotus Place Yoga Studio

Yoga Classes with a Certified Yoga Instructor

Leslie Dalton is a Master Level Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and is dedicated to helping you experience greater health, well-being and personal growth in body, mind and spirit. She warm-heartedly welcomes you as you are, and seeks to provide a safe, inviting and nurturing environment that supports your journey.

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Guided by the principles of yoga, Leslie strives to create a true community that supports each student in their efforts to become more fully present, alive, balanced, peaceful, joyful and whole. She desires that her efforts will transform the way we experience our bodies and minds, each other, and the world.